I have worked on several publications. Here is a selection.

“Autonoom” producer & editor – 1999 – design: L’image Dangereuse.
Self published. Winner of Designer Excellence Europe. Nominee “Gouden Lamp”.
‘Gone in the air” producer & editor – 2006.
written by D. Kleijwegt. design: J. v/d Stel. Published by Eburon.
“Wende, Mens” producer -2018 – design: J.W. vd Ban. Editor: L. de Jongh
Comics by Joost Swarte, Robert vd Kroft, Erik Kriek, a.o. Published by Cross Comix.
“Mojo 50 years” producer & editor -2018 – design: Irma Boom.
Various Authors, Anton Corbijn, Erwin Olaf, Typex. Published by Lebowski.
“T.B.A.” Author – 2021. Design: t.b.a. Publisher: t.b.a.